John Robinson

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For the past 40 years the work of John Robinson has included painting, drawing, printmaking and more recently sculpture. His contribution to Australian print making has been enormous having established both Drukma and Lithos Press print workshops, editioning for some of Australia’s most prominent artists, and pursuing an ongoing commitment to the art of print.

Born in Melbourne he has three times been the recipient of Visual Arts Board grants, has travelled extensively and been involved in approximately 80 solo and group exhibitions of his work. In 2000, Robinson was on study leave from La Trobe University, Bendigo, pursuing his imagery research interests at the Glasgow School of Art, as part of the visiting artists program, and at print workshops in Scotland. Since 1966 he has consistently shown his work nationally and internationally and is included in major collections both public and private.

From John Robinson’s first exhibition onwards, he was always pushing at the boundaries. The expressive nature of his work displays one of the mysteries of art, where that creativity is of the moment. It is that ‘gesture’, the act of transferring an idea confidently and passionately.

Extract from opening speech by artist Craig Gough,
at Bendigo Art Gallery April 2009